Virtual Pinball Perfected

Intense Arcade offers the most innovative virtual pinball systems available.  Our feature rich line of mini-sized Retro-Ball cabinets are both stylish and affordable.

Our Angle

With a niche market already full of rich, bright, eye-catching graphics and loud colored arcade style virtual cabinets, it is difficult to differentiate brand recognition.  After all, these products truly belong in an arcade.  Our approach aims towards a more discerning crowd that appreciates a stylish design that can blend in into a sophisticated, tasteful setting.  The dual trapezoidal shaped back box is a nod to the older style Gottlieb Wedge-Head design that was popular in the 1960’s and 1970’s, strongly accented with a Streamline Moderne design.  Every feature has been carefully thought out, from the custom grillwork to the beehive cover on the ball shooter.   

  • Dual trapezoidal back box

  • Proprietary designed Pinball shooter/digitizer

  • A five speaker sound system that includes Audio Exciters and  200W bass speaker that allow you to 'feel the sounds' 

  • 8Wx2+24W subwoofer 2.1 audio amplifier

  • Bang Board Basic.  A mezzanine board that expands the capability of a Pinscape controller that includes nudge/tilt control and a real analog ball plunger.

  • Recessed analog Audio control panel (Vol, Bass, Treb w/USB port)

  • Louvered cooling vents for appearance and low noise

  • Works in a Drawer.  The rear cabinet contains a drawer where the complete PC can be easily accessed.    

  • 24” IPS HD Monitor for the playfield and 15” LCD for the Back Box