About me

Hi, I'm Rick Horwitz, the creative force behind  Intense Arcade. My  passion for cabinet making, Pinball, and electronics tinkering eventually led me to design cabinets for virtual pinball.  I never thought about building these machines for sale until I built a 24" micro table virtual pinball machine for my father's 88th birthday. This gift was a symbolic gesture, as both my dad and I worked building pinball machines (Atari and Genco) while going to college and we both shared common interest playing pinball.  Anyway, he loved it and so did the rest of my family, it was a huge hit!  

It wasn't long until everyone urged me to make these machines for sale.  I set out to improve the initial design taking queues from mid-century arcade machines, I sculpted a new back box design that gives a nod to the 60's and 70's Gottlieb Wedge Head.  The new design became an instant sensation and I was selling them as fast as I was building them. 

Did I mention that I have another full time job as an Engineer?  I do and therefore this is my monetized hobby. 

I teamed up with my wife, Jude in building these stylish cabinets.  Jude also worked for Atari building pinball machines. Of course I would be able to keep pace with this hobby if it were not for my customed designed CNC Router and 3D printer.